Shoutout to all the women involved in church media and tech

To all the women managing your church’s website.

To all the women sitting behind the sound desk on a Sunday.

To all the women operating the computer and projection system.

To all the female Social Media Managers, Graphic Designers, Camera Operators, Video Editors, Database Coordinators and Media Directors.

You girls rock. We thank God for…

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What you want when it comes to a church website theme!

We asked and you told us!

In a poll we conducted earlier this week about what churches are most looking for when it comes to a website theme, the overwhelming majority of you are looking, first and foremost, for responsive themes.

And this is hardly surprising! In 2014, mobile overtook desktop as the primary way people access the internet. This means…

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Photoshop Artboards (and why your church should be using them)

As a church communications director, one of my favourite things to do every few months is design the branding artwork for our next sermon series. It’s a task that can’t be rushed — these graphics are going to be seen by hundreds of churchgoers. These graphics help sharpen our focus at church, and shape our thinking around the topic at hand. They assist the preacher by providing a consistent,…

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Monthly Website Checklist

A great website is dynamic — it’s always changing, with new content being added regularly. A great website is relevant, with no outdated information, and quickly tells the viewer what they want to know. At Gospel Powered, we want your church to have a great website, but a great website isn’t “set and forget”. A great website needs regular monitoring, updating and editing to make sure it remains engaging,…

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Using your church website to combat the “obstacle of uncertainty”

As I write this blog on a quiet Saturday evening, I’m sitting in my hotel room overlooking a beautiful ocean view, enjoying the sights and sounds of the stunning Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Sorry to make you all jealous, but the context is important! The context being, I’m in an unfamiliar place, with little-to-no understanding of the culture, nature and expectations of the local church in…

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Three ways to make your church blog awesome

1. Use images
We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: People LOVE pictures! Take a look here at some interesting statistics about visual media in marketing. Never post a blog without an image! Adding images will make your posts perform higher in searches and on social media, and your blog posts will be more engaging and attract more traffic. Don’t stress to…

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Four ways to make your church blog work for you

People are blogging about anything and everything these days — fashion blogs, food blogs, news blogs, travel blogs, parenting blogs, education blogs, the list goes on. Never has it been easier or cheaper to get your written message out for the world to read. At Gospel Powered, we think church blogs are awesome, and when used well, can be so beneficial to your church and its mission. Here are…

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