Shoutout to all the women involved in church media and tech

To all the women managing your church’s website.

To all the women sitting behind the sound desk on a Sunday.

To all the women operating the computer and projection system.

To all the female Social Media Managers, Graphic Designers, Camera Operators, Video Editors, Database Coordinators and Media Directors.

You girls rock. We thank God for…

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Five helpful articles to steer your church’s Social Media efforts

If you’re one of the 1.09 billion people who access their Facebook page daily, one of the 50% of 18–24 year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up, or one of the [insert statistic here] percent of Christians who check Facebook before reading their Bible (sorry, no stats for this one!), you’ll appreciate how important Facebook is as a tool for connecting with our world.

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Three questions to ask before using Facebook Sponsored Posts

There are a lot of things we love about Facebook advertising. Sponsored posts are a fantastic way of promoting your church’s events, getting wider exposure to your local community, or more effectively engaging those who already attend your church. We love that, for a relatively small investment, you can achieve huge reach with your message. We love that you set the maximum amount you want to spend,…

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Photoshop Artboards (and why your church should be using them)

As a church communications director, one of my favourite things to do every few months is design the branding artwork for our next sermon series. It’s a task that can’t be rushed — these graphics are going to be seen by hundreds of churchgoers. These graphics help sharpen our focus at church, and shape our thinking around the topic at hand. They assist the preacher by providing a consistent,…

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