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Here at Gospel Powered, we love all things Adobe. And at the end of last year, Adobe gifted the world with Adobe Post, which now leaves me wondering how I ever created consistent, visually stunning social media posts before it existed.

Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and prior to Adobe Post, I would clumsily be juggling between multiple apps, using trial and error to piece together a square graphic to use on my church’s Facebook and Instagram Page. After five, ten or fifteen minutes of navigating my way through complicated and unintuitive apps, I would eventually produce an image with overlayed text displaying a quote from the sermon or a Bible verse. But with only an iPhone to work with, there was only so much I could do to make a social media text-over-image post look good. Until now.

Adobe Post radiates intuition. Creating a graphic from scratch is as simple as uploading an image from your Photo Library, and Post automatically generates a colour palette based on your chosen image, and creates a text placeholder, ready for you to add your own words.

Don’t like the position of the text placeholder? Just drag it elsewhere. Don’t like the text design? Look through all the other designs, choose one you like, and see your graphic change instantly. Don’t like the colour choices? Keep tapping your customised palette to see different colour combinations, or choose a new colour scheme altogether!

And if that wasn’t enough, look through the Remix gallery for a beautiful collection of pre-made graphics, ready for you to customise with your own photos and text.

Aside from its ease-of-use, stunning templates, and free price tag, another great advantage of this app is its ability to maintain brand consistency. If your church decides that each Sunday you want to post a photo of the preacher along with a quote from the sermon, you can simply take last week’s graphic, tweak it with the new photo and text, and you have a new graphic that is identical in style and composition to the previous week’s. If consistency is important to you, you’ll love Adobe Post.

And…(I just can’t stop listing the awesome features of this app!), it’s SO QUICK! Once you get the hang of it, you can create a beautiful graphic in (literally!) seconds. AND, Adobe Post contains a number of nice photo filters, to help you create that perfect “look”.

Sorry Adroid users, but currently Adobe Post is only available for iPhone (although an Android version is on its way). Also, you’ll notice after creating your first graphic that a small Adobe Post watermark will appear in the bottom-right corner. This stops happening if you agree to share Adobe Post with one person via email (click on the watermark and you’ll be prompted to share. Follow these steps and you won’t see the watermark again.)

We’ll leave you with a couple of graphics we whipped up, but we definitely think this is something you should download, have a play with, and think about whether your church could benefit from the social engagement that comes with graphics created with Adobe Post.

Laura Hurley

Laura's favourite way to spend her time is to hang out with her husband and crazy-cute son Ethan at hipster cafes, but also finds time to work in a communications, design and events role at her local church where her husband is a pastor. She works for Gospel Powered as a Blogger, Equip Writer and Social Media Manager. She also dabbles in photography, baking and binge-watching crime drama TV shows.
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