10 post ideas for your church Facebook and Instagram feeds

Over 70% of people with access to the internet use Facebook (source).

Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of most peoples’ daily lives, and using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a guaranteed way for churches to engage with people mid-week, rather than only reaching them from Sunday to Sunday.

If your church isn’t yet on Facebook or Instagram, why not make this the year to get started!

Here is a list of 10 different post ideas to include on your church’s social media feed:

Quotes from Sunday

Snap a photo of the preacher and overlay it with a quick quote from the sermon. Apps like Over or Quick make it a breeze to add text to a photo all from within your phone.

Bible verses

Encouraging your church to read scripture is always a good thing! Highlight a verse from the previous Sunday, an upcoming sermon, or just a random verse-of-the-day by posting Verse Images. They take less than a minute to make using the Bible App from Lifechurch.tv, or using desktop apps like Pablo by Buffer.


There are few things more exciting than seeing lives changed, and people publicly declaring their faith through baptism. To capture great quality baptism photos, you’ll most likely need to recruit the help of someone who knows their way around an SLR camera, but if you have some awesome baptism photos, everyone on social media will love to see them!


Showing “behind the scenes” shots of your volunteers setting out chairs, making coffee or directing traffic is not only a great way to publicly acknowledge and thank them for their service, but also a good way of recruiting new volunteers to join ministry teams.


Got a women’s event? Business meeting? Training afternoon? Snap a photo of the room set up (before people arrive), and again once everyone is busy participating in the event, for two different takes on generating post engagement around your church’s events. A third post at the end of the night is a great way to thank everyone for coming, and create excitement about the next event.

Sermon Series Graphics

As sermon slide backgrounds are being compiled, make sure a 640X640 (for Instagram) or 1200X630 (for Facebook) version is created to use on social media to promote your next preaching series. If you’ve made a sermon bumper/promo video, make sure you post it too!

The Office

People love seeing their pastors and church staff as “real people”, not just “the guy who preaches on Sundays”. Post photos of staff meetings, lunches, social events, funny happenings around the office or planning days. It gives the wider community a glimpse into the life of a church staff team, and reminds everyone that their pastors work hard during the week too, not just on Sundays!


Many churches report that their Throw Back Thursday posts consistently receive the highest level of engagement and traffic.People love seeing what their church building looked like 30 years ago, the embarrassing outfits, the bad hair, and the encouragement from seeing how much God has done to grow his church.


Don’t forget the impact your church’s social media feed can have in supporting other great causes and organisations! Keep an eye on mission organisations and para-church ministries your church supports, and like & share their content on your own church’s feed.


Here at Gospel Powered, we think your church needs a blog! So every time your pastor posts a new blog, make sure you link to it (with an image!) on your Facebook or Instagram feed!

Tell us your favourite posts to include on your church’s social media feeds!

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