Shoutout to all the women involved in church media and tech

To all the women managing your church’s website.

To all the women sitting behind the sound desk on a Sunday.

To all the women operating the computer and projection system.

To all the female Social Media Managers, Graphic Designers, Camera Operators, Video Editors, Database Coordinators and Media Directors.

You girls rock. We thank God for you!

All of our experiences will be different. You may be the only female volunteer in an “otherwise-male” ministry area. You may be a solo, “team-of-one” woman managing church media all on your own. You might be in-training, or you might be training others. You might be totally rocking it in an all-female media or tech team. You might be sitting in the pews thinking “I wish I could do that”, but feeling scared to break in to the “boys club”. Or, you might be like me, having been in each of those camps over the years. Whatever your situation, if you’re female and serving Jesus in this creative, technological way, remember that you’re not alone!

The tech world, and especially the church tech world, needs women just as much as it needs men. So if you’re a woman and you want to serve Jesus, why not learn Photoshop, be trained on the Sound Desk, manage the church Facebook Page, or design a website? Take a leap and break the mould!

Don’t be scared off by the boys! Join them, work with them, and maybe even show them up!

Laura Hurley

Laura's favourite way to spend her time is to hang out with her husband and crazy-cute son Ethan at hipster cafes, but also finds time to work in a communications, design and events role at her local church where her husband is a pastor. She works for Gospel Powered as a Blogger, Equip Writer and Social Media Manager. She also dabbles in photography, baking and binge-watching crime drama TV shows.
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