Five helpful articles to steer your church’s Social Media efforts

If you’re one of the 1.09 billion people who access their Facebook page daily, one of the 50% of 18–24 year-olds go on Facebook when they wake up, or one of the [insert statistic here] percent of Christians who check Facebook before reading their Bible (sorry, no stats for this one!), you’ll appreciate how important Facebook is as a tool for connecting with our world.

If your church doesn’t yet have a Facebook page, we think it should! So, to help get you started, here’s a collection of five concise, helpful, easy-to-read articles about social media, its impact, and the opportunities it presents for the church.

The ABCs of Facebook Marketing – Canva Design School

Here are 26 short, sharp tips and tricks to help you navigate Facebook. It’s ideal for the social media newbie, but even seasoned Facebook users might find out some interesting facts, figures, hints and tips they didn’t know about.

Winning At A Social Media Strategy To Influence Small Group Leaders And Parents In Just 2 Hours A Week – Orange Leaders Blog

This blog is actually a collection of notes taken from a Social Media Presentation at Orange Conference, aimed primarily at those involved in ministry to children and families. But the principles are helpful for all aspects of church ministry and its relationship to social media. We especially love the insights given about how best to use different social media platforms to reach different demographics!

Social Media in Youth Ministry: Finding Your Voice – Harvest Social Blog

The ideas in this article are as quirky as its author, but there is absolute gold here for anyone managing a social media profile specifically aimed at a Youth or Student Minsitry. It’s amazing the difference small changes can make, like posting a photo of a pastor holding an event brochure, rather than just posting the event brochure graphic itself.

Thirty Churches to Follow for Social Media Inspiration – The Creative Pastor

There’s not heaps to read here, but lots to look at. This is a fantastic collection of thirty churches who are rocking social media. Follow them and learn from them. But don’t be discouraged if you feel like your church can never measure up — we all start somewhere, and God is in control. Even the smallest attempt on our part to reach this world for Jesus can be used by Him to achieve His glory!

10 Post Ideas for your Church Facebook and Instagram Feeds – Gospel Powered Blog

Hehe, we snuck one of our own in here! But we hope this list of 10 post ideas can be helpful for anyone stumped for ideas. So you’ve created a Facebook page for your church. Awesome! But what to actually post? Use our list as a starting point to fill up that news feed to start engaging with the digital world around you!

If your church has a Social Media page, let us know! We’d love to start following you — we have so much to learn from all you social media creatives filling the digital world with the truth of Jesus!

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Laura's favourite way to spend her time is to hang out with her husband and crazy-cute son Ethan at hipster cafes, but also finds time to work in a communications, design and events role at her local church where her husband is a pastor. She works for Gospel Powered as a Blogger, Equip Writer and Social Media Manager. She also dabbles in photography, baking and binge-watching crime drama TV shows.
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