Announcements Videos — Our Equipment List

A little while ago, we wrote a blog on why we love announcement videos. Today, we’ll give you an overview of the equipment we use to put ours together.

You’ve no doubt seen some amazing church videos that have been put together by huge teams at huge churches with huge budgets. If you’re part of a smaller church, it can be easy to become discouraged seeing videos like that (which is a shame, because that’s not the purpose of those videos!). Your visual media “department” may be entirely staffed by volunteers. You…

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Announcements Videos — Why I Love Them

I love announcements videos. I love writing them, filming them, editing them and displaying them. That probably makes me sound like a weirdo with a strange obsession…but the reason I love announcement videos is because they have completely reshaped what used to be one of the most boring, poorly executed segments in our church services.

Here’s a very brief rundown of why I love using video to communicate our church announcements:

They can be scripted
Too often, people step onto a church stage (often volunteers with little-to-no training or understanding…

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Using Buffer to streamline your church’s social media

I love efficiency. I’m all for anything that will make a task quicker, more efficient, and less labour-intensive. Especially in a church, where there’s every chance a task is taken care of by a volunteer who is managing church responsibilities on top of a job, family life, and other obligations.

That’s why, at Gospel Powered, we love Buffer.

Buffer is a social media manager — an app (both mobile and web-based) that allows the user to schedule and manage posts to any combination of social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook,…

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How to make “average” church photos look amazing

Last year I conducted an informal poll asking the Christian Facebook world what they most looked for in a church website. Some of the top responses were, understandably, service times, locations and a message from the pastor, but another component that many responders say they looked for in a church website was photos. And not just any photos. Real photos, of real people, who actually attend the church.

Visitors to your website love seeing photos of real people who go to your church. They want to see smiles, passion, engagement and community. They want…

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Three ways to make your church blog awesome

1. Use images
We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: People LOVE pictures! Take a look here at some interesting statistics about visual media in marketing. Never post a blog without an image! Adding images will make your posts perform higher in searches and on social media, and your blog posts will be more engaging and attract more traffic. Don’t stress to much about finding the perfect image that faultlessly captures the essence of your writing — just grab a photo that works! Unsplash is one of my favourite places…

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Four ways to make your church blog work for you

People are blogging about anything and everything these days — fashion blogs, food blogs, news blogs, travel blogs, parenting blogs, education blogs, the list goes on. Never has it been easier or cheaper to get your written message out for the world to read. At Gospel Powered, we think church blogs are awesome, and when used well, can be so beneficial to your church and its mission. Here are four ideas your church can put into practice to maintain a healthy, active blog.

1. Blogging + social media = endless possibilities

Blogs and…

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Five tips for leading volunteers

As church leaders, working with volunteers can be one of our greatest joys and most painful struggles. I often find myself overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity of volunteers, and simultaneously feel discouraged, frustrated and confused by the task of leading people who aren’t paid to be there.

Leading volunteers is an area I’m continually learning and growing in, but here are five principles I wish I knew when I began leading teams of volunteers:

1. Sell your vision

People want to be inspired. Don’t just state your…

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Six things every visitor to your church wants to know

Visiting a church for the first time can be a strange experience. Most people will feel anywhere between “a little bit awkward” to “downright terrified”. It can be easy to bombard visitors with all kinds of information about your vision, ministries, mid-week groups and events, but here are six easily-forgotten things that first-time visitors actually want to know.

1. Where to park

More often than not, the closest, most convenient or most visible carpark spaces fill up the fastest. If a visitor turns up to your…

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