My not-so-secret weapons for choosing great colors

It’s estimated that the human eye can distinguish around 10 million different colors.

So when asked to design a logo, brochure or website that incorporates the color green, exactly where should you begin? Start sifting though a couple of hundred-thousand shades until you find one you like?

And what about creating color palettes? With an infinite number of color combinations at your disposable, creating color schemes can quickly become a daunting task.

But never fear. Here are two of my favourite free, online tools to make your life…

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App Review — Adobe Post

Here at Gospel Powered, we love all things Adobe. And at the end of last year, Adobe gifted the world with Adobe Post, which now leaves me wondering how I ever created consistent, visually stunning social media posts before it existed.

Of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and prior to Adobe Post, I would clumsily be juggling between multiple apps, using trial and error to piece together a square graphic to use on my church’s Facebook and Instagram Page. After five, ten or fifteen minutes of navigating my way through complicated…

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Free template – Church Finance Infographic 

I am not a “numbers person”. More often than not, financial reports end up in the too-hard-basket before I even make time to read them.

Generally, I manage to remain blissfully unaware when it comes to financey stuff. But when it comes to my church’s finances, it’s important that I pay attention.

Like many churches, my church releases a monthly update, alerting the congregation of where we sit financially. These reports contain graphs, facts, figures and explanations from our treasurer, using big words like deficit, projected and expenditure. As a committed member…

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Creating a great Staff Page on your church website (Part #1)

Whenever I visit a church website, one of the first pages I like to visit is the Staff page. Utilising a page like this is a great way for churches to introduce their staff or ministry team. People love reading about how their pastor is an ordinary person with a real family and real hobbies, just like them. A Staff Page is also a great way to introduce a church’s unsung heroes like the receptionist or bookkeeper. These people may not be up the front every week, but without them, church life would be a lot harder.…

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Creating a great Staff Page on your church website (Part #2)

In a previous post we looked at why it’s a good idea to have a Staff Page on your church website. We also looked at some ways to improve user experience on your church website, by taking great photos of your pastors and ministry team for your Staff Page.

But a page with some photos and names isn’t going to be much help to anybody. The key to an effective Staff Page is not just each person having a great photo — it’s having a great bio to go along with it.

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Photoshop Artboards (and why your church should be using them)

As a church communications director, one of my favourite things to do every few months is design the branding artwork for our next sermon series. It’s a task that can’t be rushed — these graphics are going to be seen by hundreds of churchgoers. These graphics help sharpen our focus at church, and shape our thinking around the topic at hand. They assist the preacher by providing a consistent, distraction-free canvas for sermon points, illustrations and scripture references. They provide a link between our physical, Sunday gathering and our Facebook, Instagram and website presence. These graphics matter. But just…

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Monthly Website Checklist

A great website is dynamic — it’s always changing, with new content being added regularly. A great website is relevant, with no outdated information, and quickly tells the viewer what they want to know. At Gospel Powered, we want your church to have a great website, but a great website isn’t “set and forget”. A great website needs regular monitoring, updating and editing to make sure it remains engaging, accurate, and relevant to the people viewing it.

Once a month, it’s a good idea to “audit” your church website. Skim through each page, navigate your site…

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Stock Music Basics

It’s so encouraging to see more and more churches delving into the world of video and visual technology to spread their message and carry out their mission. But one key factor that all church video creatives need to know is that amazing videos can’t solely rely on what the audience sees. It’s what the audience hears that makes all the difference.

Subconsciously, this is something we’ve all experienced, whether we realise it or not. Try watching a scary movie without the soundtrack, and it won’t be all that scary anymore. A romance, battle or…

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10 post ideas for your church Facebook and Instagram feeds

Over 70% of people with access to the internet use Facebook (source).

Social media is becoming an increasingly important part of most peoples’ daily lives, and using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a guaranteed way for churches to engage with people mid-week, rather than only reaching them from Sunday to Sunday.

If your church isn’t yet on Facebook or Instagram, why not make this the year to get started!

Here is a list of 10 different post ideas to include on your church’s…

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Four ways your church can prepare for Christmas

Christmas has snuck up on me, once again. While I’m still trying to figure out how on earth it’s December already, those around me have already finished their Christmas shopping, presents wrapped and menu planned.

Hopefully, your church began planning Christmas months ago, and already has a plan, theme and strategy to get you through the Christmas season. But if Christmas has snuck up on your church, thankfully it’s not too late to start thinking through this incredible mission opportunity.

You’re likely to get many visitors through your doors this Christmas,…

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Using your church website to combat the “obstacle of uncertainty”

As I write this blog on a quiet Saturday evening, I’m sitting in my hotel room overlooking a beautiful ocean view, enjoying the sights and sounds of the stunning Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Sorry to make you all jealous, but the context is important! The context being, I’m in an unfamiliar place, with little-to-no understanding of the culture, nature and expectations of the local church in my area.

It’s Saturday, and as I’m on holiday, I’m preparing to visit a church tomorrow that I’ve never been to before. I don’t know anyone, I’ve…

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Your home page is your church’s shop front

Think about the last time you visited a shopping mall. Imagine you’re not there with any specific purpose in mind, you’re just window-shopping. How do you decide which stores you walk into, and which ones you simply pass by?

Of all the stores you chose to enter, there’s a high possibility that the draw card to get you in the door was the stores “shop front”. That window display that captures your eye before you even enter the shop.

It’s not complicated — stores with the most attractive, interesting, captivating or intriguing shop…

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