Using your church website to grow your Children’s Ministry

Minimalism is so in right now.  Designers the world over are agreeing that less is definitely more, and we’re seeing clean, scaled back designs everywhere, from websites to business cards to wedding invites.  We’re getting rid of the clutter and bringing things back to their beautiful basics.

Even in the way we write; blogs are shorter, webpages have less words on them, it’s all about capturing someone’s interest using a few, carefully chosen sentences.  And this is great!  …Most of the time…

Churches, too, are jumping on the minimalist bandwagon,…

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Five heartfelt, yet affordable, gifts for church volunteers

If your church is anything like mine, you cherish your volunteers.  Without these faithful servants who sacrifice their time and energy for the cause of Christ, our churches couldn’t come close to achieving all we’ve seen this year.  If you’re a volunteer at your church – we thank God for you!

More and more churches are taking up the fantastic initiative of Volunteer Appreciation Evenings – nights dedicated to thanking, honouring, and spoiling our volunteers with meals, entertainment and fun, to thank them for another year of service, and to thank God for the privilege of…

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Your Event Design Checklist

Christmas is coming! Which means so is all the crazy that comes with Christmas events, outreach nights, carols services, gingerbread evenings, holiday clubs, Christmas services, festivals, dinners, parties and everything else we’ve grown to expect from churches at Christmas time.

All these great events need to be promoted, both to your church and your community, so visually appealing and engaging design is key to making sure your events are noticed. A wide array of promotional material will need to be created in order to effectively promote your events, so to make this task easier, we’ve created…

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But what about posting people’s photos on Facebook? Can we do that?

One concern the general public sometimes has regarding social media is the issues associated with putting photos of people, especially children, on social media without their consent.

We think it’s really important that churches be actively taking photos and videos of their events.  By showing real images of real people at your church, you’re giving the public a snapshot of what church life is like.  You’re potentially removing a sense of fear, uncertainty or any other obstacle that could be preventing someone from visiting your church.  You’re allowing the wider community a glimpse of the life…

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How to look and sound great on camera

Speaking on camera is harder than it seems.  Done poorly, it can come across as awkward, forced and unnatural.  Being filmed is weird, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing!  It may seem like it’s not for you.  But with a bit of practice, and by putting into practice some of these pointers, it can actually be easier than you think.  Done right, speaking on camera can produce videos that are engaging, have a sense of momentum and enthusiasm, and can grip its hearers.  Here are our top pointers for how to look and sound great on camera:


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Calling the people to action (CTAs and why they rock!)

It’s a bit of a buzz-phrase right now, and we love it! Call-to-action. (Or CTA for short.) It’s a phrase we use all the time here at Gospel Powered. It relates to websites, promotional videos and marketing materials, church announcements, emails, social media posts, the list goes on!

Simply put, a call-to-action is an instruction to your audience, directing them to make a response to what has been presented. It’s usually something simple. Think “Call now”, “Get in touch”, “Register now” or “Find out more”.

But it’s funny how often we overlook…

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Church Websites Part #1 – Know Your Audience (and how to engage them)

The internet has varying ideas as to how long the average user remains on a website. Some studies tell us that the majority of web users only stay browsing a website for 15 seconds unless something captures their attention. Other studies are a little more generous, bumping up user engagement length to 59 seconds. This article claims you only have 10 precious seconds to capture your user’s interest before they move onto another website.

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Communicating the WHY

I work in a communications role at my church. It’s kind of hard to pin down what I do exactly…I wear a lot of hats. But basically, I’m responsible for making sure the gospel message our pastors are preaching reaches its audience, using a variety of mediums to get there.

This “communications role” has evolved over time, but in the space of one night, the way I went about doing my job was completely revolutionised, and it started with this TED Talk.

In this talk,…

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Church Websites Part #2 – Sustainability (setting realistic goals)

If you weren’t already, we hope that by now you’re absolutely convinced of your church’s need to not simply have an active website, but a website that strategically caters to the specific audiences who visit your site. A website that gives relevant, clear, uncluttered, accessible information in the hope that many will join your church community. Sounds exciting, right? But the problem is, this kind of website is not created overnight. Many hours of thought, planning, writing and rewriting (and re-rewriting!) goes into making this kind of website a reality. Which is all well and good for a…

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Taking Head Shots for your Staff Webpage

We think it’s a great idea to have a page on your church website dedicated to introducing your staff and/or church leaders. In fact, we think it’s so important that we wrote a two-part blog about it here. But, as we know all too well here at Gospel Powered, images can make or break a website. Bad photos can make an average website look terrible, and brilliant photos can make a simple website look stunning.

But the secret is, it doesn’t take much to get hold of really lovely portrait photos for your church website.…

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Church Websites Part #3 – A Framework (putting all your content together!)

We’ve done lots of thinking about who our website is for, and what we want to include on our website. Now it’s time to think about where it’s all going to go. At the start of this training guide, we began by saying that easy navigation is one of the key reasons people stay on a website. If it’s hard for the user to find what they’re looking for or navigate their way around, they’re unlikely to remain on your website for long.

It’s always better to do things correctly from the beginning, rather…

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That weird, “in-between” stage

Think about the church you’re in right now. The church you’re committed to. The church you give to. The church where you serve. Now, think back to before you ever set foot in its doors.

At one stage, you were a visitor. A newbie. A stranger. A newcomer. An outsider. Whatever word you want to use, there was a stage when you weren’t, and now you are.

But there was also a stage when you were newish. What do we call that in-between stage? That part in your journey where you…

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