Equipping the Church, Enabling Mission

Why are we here?

We know it sounds cliche, but Gospel Powered is all about Jesus!

The church has the most important message in the world and it’s relevant to every single person, and we want to partner with churches to get the Gospel out to as many people as possible.

Did you know that there were 3.26 billion internet users as at December 2015, that’s over 40% of the world population! The percentages are even higher on a per country basis. We all know it, people are going online more and more, and that trend won’t go down.

It’s more important than ever for Churches to grasp the importance of their online presence, and to get online with a modern, responsive, functional website that meets the needs of their end users.

We believe God has gifted us in this specific area, and it’s what we want to partner with Churches to do. Our vision is to see every church, big or small, utilizing an effective website, not because they should, but because its a ministry which can’t be ignored. We have plans suitable for every church, so jump on board!

What to expect from us?

It’s important you know what to expect from us, it’s so important to us too that every employee at Gospel Powered is held to the following values:

  1. Choose positivity & happiness
  2. Be upfront & transparent
  3. Have a self-improvement focus
  4. Be humble & put other’s first
  5. Listen first & then listen some more
  6. Best practice coding, development & analytics
  7. Make time to reflect for the sake of the best outcome
  8. Live smart, work smart
  9. Be thankful and show gratitude
  10. Do the right thing

This is what you can expect from us every time we meet, send an email or have a chat. If this is not your experience with Gospel Powered, please tell us here.