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Version: 2.0.2

Updated: November 14, 2016

Compatible to: WP 4.5+

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Elvanto Groups

At Gospel Powered we love Elvanto, not only because they are Australian, but because, like us, their heart is for the Church, it’s growth and enabling their mission. We’ve partnered with Elvanto to bring it’s great features to your WordPress website!

With Elvanto Groups, you can take the hassle out of group sign ups and follow ups and focus on growth, maturity and discipleship!

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Powerful Shortcodes

We have developed a robust shortcode system allowing you to have complete control over what you want to show or don’t. You can display all groups or just one, and you can show as many groups as you like on separate pages, allowing you to create a more tailored experience for where and how different groups sign up.

For all the available shortcode combinations visit the docs.

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Style Flexibility

Sure Elvanto Groups looks great on our Multiply church theme (shameless plug), but what about other themes? Not to worry, we have included a whole bunch of style options to get the look and feel just right for your own theme.

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Growth & Mission

True, this isn’t a feature of the plugin itself, but we think, a huge benefit not to be underestimated. Groups are often the lifeblood of a church, it’s where people ‘feel the love’, grow, connect and live out a life in community. So the ability for a church to facilitate group growth, signups and follow ups is now so much easier, hopefully putting the emphasis more on the ‘growth’ rather than printing off sign up sheets 🙂

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It’s all about getting people connected. The plugin will notify the group leader as well as the church of each signup, allow you to see whether the people applying are already in Elvanto, give you ability to re-send notification, export one or more records and much more!

Leaders, it’s time to get intentional about growing your group, multiplying and making disciples!

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